Five Current Skincare Favourites

Hello everyone!

In this post, I’ll be talking about my five current skincare favourites of the moment. Just a quick disclaimer, I have sensitive, combination skin that can be prone to spots/blemishes, so these products are what work for me and might not suit everyone depending on their own skin type. I have not been sponsored by any of the companies mentioned in this post or any of their affiliates.


I’ve tried a fair few cleansers over the last few years and I always keep coming back to this gem of a cleanser. It is specifically targeted for spot prone skin and claims to help combat excess oil that you may produce. So far, I haven’t come across a cleanser that is as good at clearing up my spots and brightening up the skin as this one. It’s gentle enough on my skin not to cause irritation, but just heavy duty enough to clear up imperfections the other cleansers I’ve tried just haven’t been able to do.


Again, this is another skincare staple I keep coming back to. Up until recently I swore by the LUSH Cosmetics Eau Roma Toner Water that uses lavender and rose water to hydrate the skin and balance redness. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great toner and I still recommend it, but after a couple of months of using this toner with successful results, my skin just one day decided to reject it and from then on had the mother of all breakouts whenever I used it. So I recently returned to the Nivea toner and it’s worked a charm!

This toner is specially targeted for normal and combination skin, it’s affordable, great for balancing the redness in my skin and keeping my skin hydrated.


For anyone looking for a product that is plentiful in charcoal and decent at exfoliating, this product is a good one to use. Good Things use natural ingredients in their products, with active charcoal and caffeine in this particular scrub, designed specifically for brightening the skin and combatting toxins/impurities etc.

It isn’t as rough as some real hard core rough exfoliators on the market i.e. St. Ives Apricot Scrub, but having said that, it is still rough (being an exfoliator and all) so please be gentle, you don’t want to rub your skin raw. Good Things products are available on the high street, and majority of their products are suitable for vegans, just check the back of the packaging where all the information is listed.


Just like the Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner, this product is specifically targeted for normal and combination skin. It contains Vitamin E, natural lotus extract, and SPF 15, claiming to give intense moisture to the skin and to balance the skin.

From personal experience, the formula is quite thick and it is indeed an intense moisturiser, so it’s great for my everyday routine. It plumps up my skin, so great for after a night on the town when skin will be tired and dehydrated from the night before. That being said, this formula can be a little too heavy duty for certain skin types, especially if you have very oily skin. If so, Nivea also do an oil-free daily moisturiser that I have used as well and is a great alternative.


Superdrug’s own brand sell facial wipes catering for a variety of skin types, i.e. normal, combination, sensitive etc. and for the most part I’ve had a pretty good experience with a variety of their own products (i.e. their Hand Rescue Balm I’ve found to be particularly good) but these are some of the best I’ve come across on the market.

These wipes, targeted for combination skin, contain Witch Hazel and Niacinamide, claiming to control shine, refresh and purify the skin of impurities. At 99p a pack, these wipes definitely live up to the claims and now these are the only wipes I use to remove my makeup. My skin feels soothed and toned and doesn’t feel dry, tight or stripped after use, making it a much gentler (and cheaper!) alternative to other, more intensive wipes that are prone to stripping your skin.

All Superdrug’s own brand products are certified by Cruelty Free International and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. All vegetarian/vegan information is on the back of the packaging.


Hope you enjoyed this post guys. Happy Sunday!


Copyright, May 2017.







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