Romance Writing: Finding Your Niche

Reading romance always has been popular and it’s something that, love it or hate it, isn’t going away anytime soon.

If there’s no shortage of romance readers, that means there’s no shortage of romance writers.

Especially with many different sub-genres of romance at readers’ fingertips, from historical to erotic fiction, finding your own flair and area of expertise is essential.


This is usually a huge indicator in what you would prefer to write, i.e. if you prefer the traditional stories of falling in love, or more modern takes on two people crossing paths, then you might be more inclined to write stories with similar themes.


“Might be more inclined,” being the optimum phrase here. What you read isn’t a set in stone correlation of what you want to write.

Yes, certain themes are popular, but that doesn’t mean readers want the same story over and over again. Readers want stories that will capture their hearts and imaginations.

I.e. there are hundreds of stories in Mills and Boon’s Modern category all catering to the themes such as independent, modern women, brooding successful men and a whole load of bubbling sexual tension.

But it’s what the author’s do with those themes, putting there own original spins on the theme that makes their stories all stand out in their own right.

So have a good long think about how you would like your own story to play out. And on that note…


We’ve all had that moment when reading a book or watching a movie when we’ve thought, “If I’d written that, I would have done such-and-such differently…”

So make it a reality! Go down the fan fiction route and practise writing your own twist on those two character’s who you wished had ridden off in to the sunset at the end, or ended up with a character you feel was better for them etc.

Write away and just go with the flow, wherever it may end up. You’d be surprised at what you are able to produce! In fact, you might find you’re able to write themes you thought you never could.


I can’t stress this enough. Once you’ve decided what themes you’d like to work with, look at the market and see what’s already out there. That’ll be your biggest indicator of what readers are loving at the moment. From there, you’ll have a clearer idea of how to find a place for your story.

Good luck and Happy Saturday! 🙂








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