Hey everyone! I’m back with a beauty review, this time for GOSH’s BB Cream.

Now if I’m being honest, I wasn’t too jazzed about this product when I first bought it a few years ago and quickly threw it out. 

However, after a curious repurchase last year and it’s now a product I swear by.

When I first bought the BB Cream in Sand (the palest shade) I thought the colour was nice but was concerned it wasn’t going to match my skin and with me having combination skin didn’t last as long on my face. 

However, at this time I wasn’t taking in to consideration I was an avid full-coverage foundation with powder complex girl at the time! Oh, hindsight is a beautiful thing! 

However, as of last year I was wanting to branch out and find a product that was a little more friendly on my skin.

I remembered how nice the GOSH BB Cream felt on my skin and though apprehensive about the colour match, I gave it a second chance. 

And I was very glad I did! 

The product claims to be a foundation, primer and moisturiser all in one. 

My experience of the product is that it’s very hydrating and moisturising for my skin so it doesn’t feel like it’s caked. 

Yes, the colour isn’t a perfect match but with the BB Cream not being ridiculously thick, it’s hardly noticeable so I don’t have to blend in to my neck (HALLELOO!).

Also, it contains SPF 15 so you’re getting protection from the sun. 

As I said before, the formula is moisturising, so it’s smooth and dewy enough to give you a little pick me up if you need it (perfect if your doing a Korean mul-gwang style makeup) the coverage is decent (light, but you can build it up to medium) and your skin doesn’t feel like it’s going to break out if you wear it all day. 

It’s also an affordable drugstore product that’s available in Superdug.  

A drawback of this BB Cream is a pretty obvious one for makeup lovers around the four corners of the globe: If you’re combination skin or oily, powder that T-Zone girl! 

Sometimes with it being a BB Cream it can slide off the skin more in oily areas but re-applying isn’t a problem and so far with me I’ve not had to do that often, only if it’s hella hot! Otherwise, it stays on pretty well. 

So all in all, I highly recommended! 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed this guys, happy Wednesday! 🙂
Copyright, 2017


4 thoughts on “BEAUTY REVIEW: GOSH BB Cream

    1. Thanks Julia! This one’s definitely one of the better ones I’ve come across, check it out! If my memory serves correctly it’s £9.99 in Superdrug at the moment. Hope all goes well! 🙂

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