WRITING: Handling Rejection

Rejection is something that as a writer, we know all too well. It’s a tough industry with thousands of writers fighting their way to get published, so rejection is commonplace. To come across someone whose work has never been rejected, not even once, is unheard of.

Getting our work out in to the world as writers is a very lengthy, arduous process. Many on the outside only see the end result and not the hours of working on your plotline, character developing, typing and deleting, edit after edit after edit etc.

Even after that, we will face rejection from publishers, websites, magazines etc. quite a few times before a piece gets accepted.

After quite a few rejections, it’s very easy for it to get you down and you might begin to doubt yourself and your abilities in your work. Don’t lose faith! Here are some things to remember in the face of rejections.


This script/novel/short story etc. is like your baby, so it can be easy to get very protective over something you’ve been working on for weeks/months.


Getting overly defensive over your story won’t get you anywhere.

If someone offers you constructive criticism, please listen and take it on board. This doesn’t include people who are just outright nasty to you and try to put you down (we’ve all had the unfortunate experience of those. I remember telling someone I’m in the entertainment industry and he proceeded to laugh in my face and say, “so when are getting the job at Tesco then?” Rude.).

I’m talking about i.e. “This character might not do such-a-thing because it wouldn’t be historically accurate…” or “maybe there should be more of (insert subject) in this confrontation then it’ll bring the conflict more to life…” etc.

The whole point of constructive criticism is just that. Constructive. It can help improve your story, your writing and raise points that you might not have even thought of!

I remember working on a script in college and when it was put on its feet with actors, someone pointed out the date of birth of one of my characters. Turns out, I completely screwed up the birth year and didn’t clock it in my edit! I then changed it and all was well.

So don’t turn you nose up if someone offers you a few pointers. But what you don’t want is someone trying to change your story altogether (some writers have this problem with editors sometimes) so be discerning.

Even if you don’t end up using it in your story, at least take it on board.


Just remember, when one door closes, another one opens. Many of the literary classics we’ve come to love were rejected multiple times by publishers before they were accepted.

Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Carrie, Animal Farm, Gone With the Wind, Dubliners etc.

And so many others, so no matter how many times you get turned down, keep going! You never know, you might be one step away from something good.

Hope you enjoyed this guys, happy Friday! 🙂

Copyright, 2017


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