Romance Writing: Developing Your Heroine 

Character development is an essential part of any story. In romance your hero and heroine/two heroes/two heroines etc. are (goes without saying) central to the story, as is their romance. 

We touched on developing your hero. Today we will focus on developing your heroine. 

Whatever your story entails, just as readers want a hero they can fall in love with, they also want a heroine they can deeply relate to, so they are taken on their romantic journey with the character from start to finish.

Yes, there are many popular archetypes in romance I.e the sweet innocent heroine, the headstrong independent woman disinterested in relationships etc. 

If your heroine fits in with these archetypes, you still need to build on your romantic foundations. You need to make them a three dimensional person instead of predictable.

Read as much as you can, study characters’ motives, idiosyncracies, opinions on everyday subjects, particularly love and relationships. 

Is your heroine reserved and demure or is she headstrong and outspoken? Is she a social butterfly or a loner? Is she family orientated or was there a rift? 

Consider your hero’s motives. How does she react to his traits? Are they compatible? Do they have the same interests and hobbies? What do they have in common? 

These are all things to consider when developing you heroine. The characters need to mesh together at some point or we’re taking away the very essence or a romance. 

There’s a different romance story out there for everyone, whether it be a traditional romance or a steamy erotic fiction. 

Study the market and see which stories you prefer to write and go for it! 🙂 


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