Self-Care: Nature 

The busyness of modern city life can be unbelievably hectic.

Rushing around, crowded streets, constant work, many of us spend weeks if not months looking forward to our next holiday. 

Getting out in to nature has long been known as remedy for clearing the mind of the stresses of modern life. 

Out in the country, everything’s slower, there’s a larger sense of community in its small villages and towns as opposed to a bustling major city (not besmirching major cities, I live in one and love it!) and you can appreciate the beauty of scenery not made by a human hand. 

From my own personal experience, I highly recommend getting out in to the countryside if you can to not only clear your mind, but to explore and appreciate what your surroundings have to offer. 

I was fortunate enough growing up to be taken on weekly family drives out in to the countryside as we don’t live too far away. 

Instilled in me by Mom and Dad was the principles of always appreciating what the beautiful landscapes and fresh country air can do for the mind, body and soul, as well as to respect nature and not take it for granted. 
This has proved to me even now a great way of maintaining wellbeing. After spending time out in a nearby village or just admiring the view from the car, I come back home much better than when I left, even if I feel pretty sparky to begin with. 

Granted it’s not for everyone, but the calm atmosphere, the flowers, the greenery, the mountains etc. can help you forget a about life’s stresses for a few hours and help you become more centred, leaving you more mindful. 

So even if you live in a major city, try and explore some of the country if you can it really does work wonders! 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed this post guys, Happy Sunday! 🙂 

Copyright, 2017 


2 thoughts on “Self-Care: Nature 

  1. I love love love self care posts! I just posted one two ago on my blog! It actually had a nature portion in there as well! Just found your blog today and I’m completely taken in. Following to keep up with your future content!
Stop by sometime!
Mena ✨

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