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How Not To Lose Faith As A Writer

Being a writer isn’t easy. Not by any stretch of the imagination is it easy and there are times when (we’ve all been there) after a series of rejections or a tough time finding a way out of a plot hole, our confidence can start to wane and the self-doubt starts to creep in.

It can feel like an uphill battle but remember these little things to get you back on the horse again:


Whether it’s a side job or you’re fully freelance, remember why you started. Is writing something you genuinely want to pursue? Do you have a burning passion to create stories? If the answer is yes then carry on! We only regret the chances we want to take but don’t.


I know, this is a tough one and admittedly, I struggle with this one too. Obviously in this line of work, networking, reading widely and taking on constructive criticism is a give in order to move forward. This industry is a very dog-eat-dog world.

But if you’re constantly comparing yourself to other people and putting yourself down, that’s not going to help you. Every writer has their own voice; make sure you use what you learn from the above mentioned to nurture that voice and pave your own way as a writer.


Going back to not comparing yourself to other writers in a negative light, read the stories that got you in to writing in the first place. Whether that’s a modern classic or a childhood favourite, read over them to get those creative juices flowing.


In the writing world today, there’s so much more variety as to getting your stories out there. As well as contributing articles to popular websites (if that’s your thing) there’s magazines, blogs, as well as the traditional publishing route and the self-publishing! See what options are available to you and decide which approach you would like to take.


Hope you enjoyed this post guys and keep the faith! You’ll get there sooner or later! 😀

Happy Friday! 🙂


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