Self-Care During Hot Weather

Hey guys, happy Hump Day! As many of you have caught on, it’s a bit hot and humid here in the UK, with reports of today being the hottest June day since 1976!

For many, it’s an opportunity to get the swimwear on, ice cold beer and lollies and getting a nice tan. But what about people who don’t fair well in this type of weather?

This heatwave in the UK has caused the Met Office to issue weather warnings after temperatures have reached some areas as high as 33 degrees (for the UK, that’s very hot!).

Being a person who thrives in cool weather, has naturally very dark hair and incredibly pale and sensitive skin, I don’t fair too well with copious amounts of humidity and after getting quite bad heatstroke a few years back, I’m especially discerning when this time of year comes round.

Just a little disclaimer: I am not an expert in this matter, I am only going from experience and what I’ve found works for me during hot weather.

Here are some (not all, but some) things to consider to take care of yourself in hot weather.


I know you might want to get out in the sun, but make sure you’re not out for long periods of time without some respite. You don’t want to overheat, get sunburn and/or get heatstroke.


For an incredibly pale girl like myself, my Lord do I need sunscreen! Honestly, if there was a factor 1 million I would seriously consider buying it!

Even if you want a tan, PLEASE wear sunscreen! It can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, lowering your chances of sunburn, brown spots and hyperpigmentation, but also more serious conditions such as skin cancer.

Even if you’re staying in the shade, get that SPF on!


Not keeping hydrated in this kind of weather can be dangerous. You body will be using up a heck of A LOT of energy so you need to keep yourself hydrated.

AKA, drink plenty!

Even if it means carrying a huge 1L bottle of water round with you (like I do, admittedly) make sure you drink enough.


Again, this will help protect your head from the sun and lower chances of heatstroke.


If you’re not comfortable in a bikini or shorts, or just don’t like them (either way, that’s fine!) loose clothes that are made from thin, breathable material (i.e. cotton, linen etc.) such as skirts, loose shirts, maxi dresses etc. can help keep you cool.


This one’s a given for a obvious reasons. But also showering can help keep you cool not just from the heat, but the humidity as well.


Hope this post was useful guys, stay cool! 🙂

Copyright, 2017



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