Your Plot: Are You Thinking Too Much?

As writers, it’s our job to create stories, and creating stories means a lot of thought power and work. But during the creative process, we’ve all been there where we overthink our plots.

We’ve all been there. We’ve got the majority of our plot, but there’s just that one part that you just can’t get past for the love or the money. We think of various scenarios for our characters that could work, then before we know it, we’ve overloaded ourselves with possible outcomes.

Then once we solve the problem in our plot, turns out it was something pretty simple.

Facepalm moment.

Now, this isn’t the case all the time. It can take one hell of a twist or detail to keep that story moving forward, but either way, we have to avoid overthinking and avoid the dreaded “brain drain”.


To save it getting jammed up in your brain, write them down in a notebook and cross out accordingly.


I’ve found during these times (I’m having one at the moment, that one point in the plot that you just can’t get past!) that writing spider-grams of your characters helps.

Write down your character’s name and circle it in a notebook, then point off every one of their traits you can think of from their occupation, how they approach relationships, the favourite TV show etc.

The more you get to know your character’s traits and nuances, the better chance you have of work through the plot-problem.


When thinking through a difficult point in your plot, your brain can get pretty fried. So take five minutes out (don’t feel guilty, five minutes won’t hurt!) to get a cup of tea, watch a little TV, read a book, take some fresh air etc. Your mind needs time to recover and you can’t write on a tired mind.


Every writer hits this point in their stories. Even Steven King and JK Rowling have had these points when writing their amazing stories so don’t be too hard on yourself. Just because you’ve found a difficult plot point doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer or that you’re not cut out for the business.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

So cut yourself some slack, and keep going! If you keep going, you will sooner or later finish the story you’ve wanted to write for so long. Trust me, your future self WILL thank you for it!


Keep going, fellow writers!


Hope you enjoyed this post, and some story news coming soon! 😀

Happy Thursday! 🙂


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