Swooning Sundays! Mills & Boon Review: One Night With Morelli by Kim Lawrence

Hey guys! Coming back at you with a review as part of my Swooning Sundays series, where I’ll be talking about and reviewing some of my favourite romance stories!

Today’s book is One Night With Morelli by Kim Lawrence.

So sit back and as always: SPOILER ALERT!!

The story takes place in London, where Eve Curtis runs in to Draco Morelli after a thief tries and fails to steal her bag. Draco, an Italian businessman, is instantly attracted to Eve and Eve to him, but she dislikes his charming, suave ways.

Draco can charm pretty much any woman he likes, all except Eve. The one woman he grows a maddening attraction to is the one woman who refuses to fall for his charm!

When I first read this book, I enjoyed it but I was a little so-so about certain elements of the story. I felt there was too much conflict with Eve and the romance wasn’t flowing as smoothly as I would have originality liked.

However, on reading a second time, I understood better Eve’s reasoning for being so confrontational.

After her mother being played and treated badly by Eve’s father who walked out before she was born, on top of her mother’s relationships afterwards (I don’t want to give too much away!) her defensiveness and throwing herself in to her lingerie business is understandable. Especially when it comes to charmer Draco.

That being said, Draco has his defences on relationships as well.

Draco is a man with a very active single life, only agreeing to casual, no-strings-attached arrangements with glamourous women.

He avoids relationships like the plague after his ex-wife walked out on him and his daughter Josie, leaving him to raise her by himself as a single father.

Despite her flitting in and out of his daughter’s life, he tries to keep good terms with her for his daughter’s sake.

Despite my first impressions of this book, one thing I was certain about was I liked Draco right from the beginning.

Usually, it takes a bit of time for me to warm to some heroes as they come across very arrogant at the start. But with Draco, yes he is charming and almost overly confident, but the way Kim Lawrence writes his very witty inner monologue is done in such a way that you like him immediately. From page one you know his heart’s in the right place.

Despite my first thoughts of too much conflict, on a second read I could see the fiery exchanges between the two very fiery personalities given the story’s context was very much necessary in order to get to the point where they truly admit how deeply they feel about each other.

It’s a very well written story with moments going from fiery, sexy, heart-wrenching and humorous.

The witty exchanges between Draco and his teenage daughter, Josie, really had me chuckling.

So this one definitely grew on me, and thumbs up to Kim Lawrence for a thoroughly enjoyable read!


Hope you enjoyed this post guys! 🙂

Happy Sunday! 🙂


Copyright, 2017




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