Swooning Sundays! Mills & Boon Review: The Playboy of Argentina by Bella Frances 

Hi guys! Coming at you with another romance novel review as part of my Swooning Sundays series!

I apologise for not being as active on my blog recently, things have been a wee bit hectic on my end.

So anyways, on with the review and as always: SPOILER ALERT!!

So this story mainly takes place in Argentina, where our heroine Frankie Ryan is on a business trip for the cosmetics company she works for.

As well as this, she is enjoying a little pleasure with business, visiting a charity polo match and afterparties, courtesy of her best friend Esme.

There she runs in to Rocco Hermida, the handsome playboy polo player known as the “Hurricane”.

Ten years before, Frankie and Rocco had a brief encounter and no-strings-attached Rocco finds, ten years later, the torch is still burning for his, “Irish obsession”.

Will their week together in Argentina be getting and old flame out of their systems or blossom in to something more?

Now, I was given this book a few months ago as a gift and finally got round to reading it recently.

I have to say I was very surprised by the story!

First off, polo isn’t something I would say is my thing and I have very limited knowledge of it (though I’m more than happy to learn about it!)

But the setting really played well in to the central romance of Frankie and Rocco i.e. Frankie’s equestrian background and the sale of her beloved horse, Ipanema.

And as much as it surprised me to say it: I LOVED the polo setting! That and the glamourous afterparties I just lapped up!

As well as this, there was plenty of conflict in the story that didn’t overshadow the romance and really helped to push it forward, such as Rocco’s dark past and Frankie’s turbulent relationship with her father.

It was a well written story that definitely starts off with a bang. As the chapters go on you see and feel ten years worth of tension building up between the two characters.

Which made for some rather steamy scenes when Frankie and Rocco make their feelings known. Put it this way, when the blurb said, “hot nights in Buenos Aires” they weren’t joking!

That being said, the setting became more relaxed in the later chapters, taking place mostly at one of Rocco’s homes.

Which bodes well for the raw emotion to come through as we find out more about Rocco’s past.

Giving the setting that space to breath really paved the way for Rocco’s personal journey through his inner demons.

As well as this, we see Frankie’s own journey through constantly trying to prove her father wrong about her life, setting up for both characters, the gradual realisation of just how much they actually feel about each other.

Bella Francis’ description and knowledge behind polo, horses and Argentina (things I personally know very little about) is brilliant. She certainly did her homework!

So all in all it’s good. I very much enjoyed this story and am looking forward to reading more of Bella Frances’ stories! 🙂
Hope you enjoyed this post guys and more reviews coming soon! 🙂

Happy Sunday! 🙂

Copyright, 2017


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