New Release! Mills & Boon Review: Protecting His Defiant Innocent By Michelle Smart

Hey guys, coming at you with a review of a new release from Mills & Boon Modern!

Protecting His Defiant Innocent by Michelle Smart. Book #1 of the Bound to a Billionaire trilogy.

Disclaimer: This book was received as part of Mills & Boon Insiders. This in no way has influenced my opinions of this book. The opinions are entirely my own.

So anyways, on with the show and as always: SPOILER ALERT!!

Francesca Pellegrini is a young woman determined to honour her late brother’s philanthropic pursuits in the dangerous Caribbean island, Caballeros. To her horror, she crosses paths with Felipe Lorenzi, a security tycoon assigned to protect her as par the wishes of Francesca’s family.

The two immediately lock horns but despite their heated exchanges in between Caballeros’ corruption and shady characters, Francesca and Felipe try to keep their burning attraction for each other under wraps. Will this bodyguard be able to protect this woman without falling in love?

For the many romance novels I’ve read so far, this is my first time with a bodyguard hero. And I have to say I loved every minute of it!

I loved Francesca and Felipe’s chemistry, which in my opinion was practically bubbling off the page!

Felipe’s definitely the strong, silent type with a heart of gold underneath that many a reader goes ga-ga for. Admittedly, I’m no exception to this rule! Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a hero that can protect you? (Cue the Whitney Houston music!)

I thoroughly enjoyed the fast-paced energy in this book when they are on Caballeros, an island ravaged by a natural disaster and rife with corruption. It definitely left me very eager to know what happened next.

Francesca’s fierce determination to honour her brother Pieta’s memory is touching, but I could definitely see why her family brought in Felipe to protect her, as we see in the beginning her disregard for her safety in order to get the job done. She definitely needs him!

The emotional development between Francesca and Felipe definitely comes from their fiery exchanges as well as the more tender moments between them in the later stages of the book. Like in many romances, both have what the other desperately needs.

Be it Francesca’s capacity to love and her close emotional ties to her siblings or Felipe’s strength, finite discernment and sobering life experience, it makes them a very good match.

This laid the foundations for their growth, with Francesca becoming wiser to how certain things are done, very much taking away the rose tinted glasses (with Felipe’s experience in his job and the fact he is older helping along with this) and the gradual reveal as to why Felipe is so elusive and avoiding of personal relationships.

Given the nature of Felipe’s job this is relatable, as his inner demons aside, it is not uncommon relationships to strain and/or suffer at some point if one or both people are in dangerous jobs.

And although at times I found some of Francesca’s decisions either reckless or doing more harm than good (admittedly, once or twice I had a moment of “Girl, what are you doing?!”) but given her own circumstances, it is for the most part, understandable. Grief can make you do some pretty crazy things.

Amidst all the serious and the burning chemistry, I loved the more light-hearted moments in this book from the restaurant dancing (easily one of my favourite bits of the book. I found it a funny and adorable scene) to the witty exchanges between Felipe’s colleagues, James and Seb (given the opportunity, I would love to see more of these characters!)

I found this a very good read, a great introduction to the bodyguard hero and a new favourite!

Very much looking forward to Michelle Smart’s latest instalment to this trilogy! 🙂



Copyright, 2017


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