New Release! Mills & Boon Review: Tempted By The Bridesmaid by Annie O’Neil

Hello everyone! Coming at you with another review of a new release from Mills & Boon! This time from the Medical Romance section!

Tempted By The Bridesmaid by Annie O’Neil.

Disclaimer: This book was received as part of Mills & Boon Insiders. This in no way has influenced my opinions of this book. The opinions are entirely my own.

So here goes and an always, guys: SPOILER ALERT!!

Set in Italy, aristocrat Italian surgeon Luca Montovano meets heiress Francesca Martinelli at the failed wedding of their mutual friend. Francesca, a service dog trainer and former physiotherapist, is assigned a new job at a clinic in the Italian country for paralysed teenagers. To her horror, she discovers attractive Luca is her new boss!

Luca is a man whose scars run deep, determined to keep everyone at arm’s length while he cares for his orphaned niece. Then Francesca swoops in to his life, carefree and full of positivity and laughter, something Luca hasn’t felt in a long time. Will Luca let his guard down for the woman he’s fallen in love with?

This was my first time reading a book from the Medial Romance category of Mills & Boon. The vast majority of stories I have read have either been from Modern, Cherish or Desire, so I was curious to see what a Medical romance was like.

This story was certainly different from any of the others I have read.

The romance between Francesca and Luca, though their attraction for each other is obvious from the start.

It bubbles under the surface and has a gradual build up before they realise they’ve actually fallen in love with each other, in spite of their arrangement: colleagues by day, lovers by night.

I thought the character development, especially for Luca, was absolutely fantastic. Both Francesca and Luca’s struggles were relatable and their relationship’s progression was very organic.

Luca’s guardedness is very true of a man consumed by grief and guilt, determined to look after his paralysed niece, the only family he has left no matter what. However, his near ferocious protectiveness isn’t always necessarily what’s best for him or his niece.

So when Francesca comes in, providing support in the form of her service dogs and her positive attitude injecting some normality in to the kids’ lives, it not only has a positive effect on Luca’s teenage patients, but on Luca himself.

Francesca’s caring nature is infectious and her ties to her own family proves a sobering home truth for guarded Luca.

As well, the very real conversations between the two, Luca’s guard going up after we see a glimpse of “carefree Zio Luca” and the conflicts between them on the best methods of care for their patients proves a very truthful emotional development throughout the story with a lot of depth.

The characters are three dimensional, which when dealing with sensitive topics covered in this story is exactly what’s needed.

As well as this, I learned a lot about medical conditions and their methods of care I wouldn’t have known previously. I found it informative and I also enjoyed picking up some Italian along the way!

So to see two characters on different sides of the spectrum sharing a common purpose, doing their best to rehabilitate paralysed children and coming together, made it very enjoyable to read and an altogether lovely story.

Looking forward to reading some more Medical Romance! 🙂


Copyright, 2017



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