Swooning Sundays! Mills and Boon Review: Man vs. Socialite by Charlotte Phillips

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Swooning Sundays, where I’ll be reviewing some of my favourite romance stories!*

This week’s instalment is Man vs. Socialite by Charlotte Phillips, part of the Mills & Boon Modern collection. 

So on with the show and as always guys: SPOILER ALERT!!

‘It’ girl and star of reality TV show Miss Knightsbridge, Evie Staverton-Lynch has landed herself in hot water.

How? By bad-mouthing Jack Trent, ex-soldier, host of his own show Survival Camp Extreme and all round national treasure. 

Both shows being under the same production company, the producers come up with a plan to tame to controversy. Get Evie on Jack’s show! 

Both Jack and Evie hate the idea! But as filming for the show progresses, they realise their greatest task isn’t survival. It’s keeping their mits off each other! 

This book I bought back in November 2014 when I was still at university. 

After hours (as I had done most of that week) in the library working on essays, a presentation and sifting through the myriad of information in Employment and Health & Safety Law, I was in need of a much welcome break as my brain was for lack of a better word, fried! 

On my quick break, I thought I hadn’t read a Mills & Boon book in a while. So I popped over to the WHSmith across the road and bought this book. 

I got back in the library and started reading. 

This book has been and so far still is one of my all time favourites. 

We get off to a rather explosive start where Evie’s defamatory comments about Jack have become a national controversy. 

Evie is now public enemey number one and the company that owns both shows (as well as Evie’s PR people) are trying desperately to quell the chaos. 

The exchanges between Evie and Jack in the first chapter sets the tone for two complete polar opposites that are inevitably going to attract. 

This hero and heroine are completely chalk and cheese (at least in the beginning anyway) more than I have seen in most books I have read.

Evie, the designer city girl and Jack, the outdoorsy survival expert.

I certainly had a moment when I thought, “How on earth are these two going to get together?!” 

But I found that only added to the gradual build up of tension as the story progresses and as they begin to bond, making these two one of my all time favourite couples from a romance novel. 

Truthfully, I didn’t think I was going to like Evie at first. The whole ‘it’ girl persona we often see on reality TV shows like Made in Chelsea and TOWIE just isn’t for me. 

But as it turns out, I really liked her. Especially as we see a more toned down, true to herself Evie later on in the story. I thought the transition and character development was rather cleverly done. 

I found Jack to be a rather refreshing hero. Yes, he has his layers and inner conflicts like any other hero, but it’s not overwhelming which is nice.

With him, what you see is what you get, which I personally really liked. 

Despite their being a loggerheads with one another at the start, Jack and Evie’s physical attraction to each other is obvious from the start, very much like in Protecting His Defiant Innocent by Michelle Smart.

The emotional development was done very well (almost more laid back in comparison to other Modern novels I’ve read) so you got Jack and Evie’s transitions in character, their conflict and conclusion without it bombarding you. 

The scenes I particularly loved were their moments away from the cameras. A particular favourite scene being where they’re camped out and talking over the fire (I don’t want to give too much away!).

We see who Evie really is away from the ‘it’ girl image, more relaxed and laid back, and a sweeter side to Jack underneath the in control, assertive ex-Army man. 

Which given what we know of their inner conflicts gives way for some rather touching moments between the two, the outdoors setting making it all the more romantic. I personally thought it was a really sweet scene. 

The setting for the show definitely takes inspiration from Man vs. Wild (love that show!) and the fact it’s set in Scotland only made me lap it up more. (Proud descendant of Highlanders here! 😂) 

Seriously, if you’ve never been to Scotland, I highly recommend you go. It’s beautiful! 

So if you haven’t read this book, give it go and let me know what you think! 🙂 
Hope you enjoyed this post guys! 🙂 

Happy Sunday! 🙂 
Copyright, 2017


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