Swooning Sundays! Dating The Rebel Tycoon by Ally Blake

Hello everyone and welcome back to Swooning Sundays, where I review some of my favourite romance novels!

This week’s instalment is Mills & Boon’s Dating the Rebel Tycoon by Ally Blake, which I received as a Christmas gift in the 3 in 1 Taming The Rebel Tycoon By Request book.

So, on with the show and as always guys: SPOILER ALERT!!

Growing up at a posh Australian high-school, Rosie crushed on class heart-throb and rich boy Cameron Kelly. Years later and by chance, businessman Cameron and astronomer Rosie cross paths again and to Rosie’s surprise, Cameron asks her out!

But Cameron is hiding something, keeping himself guarded to relationships. Will Rosie melt this Australian tycoon’s heart?

This book was certainly very different to any of the others I had read at that time. One word I would used to describe this story: Refreshing.

The stories I was accustomed to reading had HUGE conflicts right from the start (not that that’s a bad thing, I love a good explosive story as much as the next person) but this story approached it in a very different manner.

There are obvious conflicts that run throughout the story, such as Rosie and Cameron’s polar opposite upbringings (her not being wealthy at all and him coming from an obscenely wealthy family) and how their strained family relations make them both apprehensive of getting close to people romantically.

That being said, it wasn’t the type of conflict that was “in your face”, especially when it comes to Cameron, the “black sheep” of the family, steeling to see his father again for the first time in years.

That and how his “big conflict” with Rosie was going to play out was more of a slow burner that comes to a crux rather than outright explosive, but left just enough to make me desperate to find out what was going to happen.

I really liked the, “slow burner” effect as it gave more groundwork to focus on building Rosie and Cameron’s romance.

I LOVED the hero and heroine straight from the start. I loved Rosie’s wild, laid-back, doesn’t-suffer-fools attitude and Cameron’s easy going humour. 

The exchange between them in the beginning was a great ice-breaker in to the story and I loved Rosie’s good-natured ribbing of Cameron throughout, something the driven businessman’s peers never dare to do.

The character development for both Rosie and Cameron was very well crafted, so props to Ally Blake for two of my favourite characters!

As opposed to other stories, the pace is rather easy going, the majority of the story taking place over the space of three days. 

This is mainly Rosie and Cameron enjoying each other’s company on an array of different dates, which made for many a lovely, swoon-worthy moments.

Their attraction to each other is more smooth rather than outright physical attraction, again which I liked.

Yes, the physical attraction is DEFINITELY there, but Rosie and Cameron’s development is more a gradual progression of how much they actually like and bounce off each other.

These two “clicked” intellectually from their first meeting, as opposed to a no-strings-attached, purely sexual relationship that grows in to love that we see in many other novels.

It’s a story that definitely focuses on the central romance and there’s very little explicitness, so if steam’s not your thing then this book is for you.

Although as I said before, this book does have an element of the slow burner, which can go one of two ways. Personally I really liked it, but if you prefer incredibly explosive stories, this one might not be for you.

So, I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a laid-back read that’ll definitely make you go, “awwwww!” by the end.


Hope you enjoyed this post, guys! 🙂

Happy Sunday! 🙂
Copyright, 2017



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